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Crucial Catch - Jets Robby Anderson Game Used Jersey Size 38 (10/13/19)
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Number of Bids: 2
Current Bid: $20.00
NFL - Jets Andre Roberts Pro Bowl 2019 Locker Room Plate
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Number of Bids: 3
Current Bid: $30.00
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Number of Bids: 0
Current Bid: $10.00
NFL - Jets Chad Pennington Full Suit Worn at NFL Event
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Number of Bids: 5
Current Bid: $70.00
PCC - Jets Joe Namath Signed Replica Jersey Size Large
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Number of Bids: 4
Current Bid: $400.00 Reserve Met
PCF - Jets Brett Favre signed panel ball W/ Jets Logo
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Number of Bids: 7
Current Bid: $70.00
HOF - Jets Curtis Martin Signed Proline Helmet
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Number of Bids: 20
Current Bid: $260.00 Reserve Not Met
HOF - Jets Kevin Mawae Signed NFL Auction Exclusive Panel Ball W/ 100 Se...
Jets Week 16 Ticket Package - 2 Tickets vs Steelers + Joe Namath Signed ...
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Number of Bids: 1
Current Bid: $500.00 | Buy Now: $1,500.00

About New York Jets

The New York Jets take great pride in a long-standing, year-round commitment to our community. Programs funded by the New York Jets Foundation look to positively influence the lives of young men and women in the tri-state area by promoting fitness, supporting youth football and preventing bullying, particularly in disadvantaged communities. In addition to our focus on youth development, the Jets support the efforts of the Lupus Research Alliance and numerous established charitable organizations and causes sponsored by the NFL.

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